Better. Smarter. Unique.

Ready-made. Right out of the box.

Tyde is a turnkey AI Product and a Data Platform for any Energy Vertical. Enjoy the ready-made user experience right out of the box. The microservice architecture enables the expansion of the service cluster with custom-made services and integrating with other 3rd party services is done using the REST-API.

Sophisticated AI-Enabler with AI-Technology built-in.

Models for anomaly detection on asset levels will be trained automatically

Override default learning parameters and create experimental models

Analyze model performance using the AI Sandbox tool

Connect to the API and create your own AI-models

IT Infrastructure agnostic.

Tyde is agnostic to IT infrastructure. Feel free to choose between Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services or On-Premises Servers. You can even change your mind later.

Avoid vendor-locking.

Tyde uses no closed data-types, only open formats. This allows you to avoid vendor locking and create customized, personal dashboards easily, by using the built-in drag&drop tools.

Tyde is not offered as Software-as-a-Service.

Unless you want it to be.

  • Avoid complicated data management agreements by running Tyde on the infrastructure of your choice.
  • Enjoy complete commercial ownership of deployment, data and insights.
  • Gain access to the Broentech tem of DevOps for assistance with infrastructure.
  • Prefer a SaaS and data management agreement? No problem. We'll host it for you.

Fully customizable dashboards.

Discover and analyze anomalyes using the Tyde Anomaly-Viewer.

Manipulate data in the AI Sandbox to see how models will respond.

Data context using an asset relationship model provides and eagle-eye view of your facilities.

... and much more.

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Send us your contact info and we'll get back to you with more details.