Decision Support for Hydropower-plants.

Reduce maintenance cost and probability for breakdowns by increasing asset
predictability. By exploiting the insights within your data , you can empower your
decision-making capabilities.

What is Tyde

Tyde is a cloud-based software product running on your preferences. It is a home for your data and a place where your data makes sense, in the context of Hydropower. You can use the insights produced by Tyde to plan maintenance smarter, reduce downtime and avoid manual inspection rounds.

How It Works

Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques, operators gain insight into the states of the various assets that the Hydropower-plants consists of.

Sensor Monitoring

Asset Diagrams

Machine Learning

Data Aggregation

How We Do It

Tyde is one web-based system aimed at strengthening your decision-making foundation. But it can also be seen as an ecosystem of various micro-services that work together in a cluster, in the cloud. They collaborate on turning the information in the data that are entering the system in real-time and the historical data with information about the past, into actionable insights about the Hydropower plants.

How We Help

Tyde can be set up to run on anything, anywhere. We will assist you to set up, install and configure it based on your own needs and preferences. We recommend using Microsoft Azure, although it is not a strict requirement. To make the low-level arrangements on-site to make sure we can map the data safely all the way from the analogue sensors to the Tyde deployment in the cloud, our partners are eager to contribute.

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Why Tyde

Tyde is built from the bottom up based entirely on real business needs. We have assumed nothing here, everything is based on dialogue and feedback from real customer on real deployments. Chances are, many if not all your hydropower needs, matches those that our pilot customers has and that means they have already been covered. Therefore, the threshold to get Tyde to run for you is low, both in terms of price and time.

How We're Different

Tyde is built by the Broentech Solutions , a Norwegian deep-tech company. We are a small and agile team, consisting of developers and data-scientists that work in an environment where staying up to date on the bleeding-edge is a core feature. This, in combination with very tight relationship to our customers within Hydropower-production has lead to what is now Tyde, the go-to solution for predictive maintenance focusing entirely on Hydropower.
Tyde has an autonomous A.I. engine, developed in-house. It adapts to the context of the Hydropower-plants, as defined by the operator. The engine itself supports various learning-algorithms, although it is the neural networks that is currently giving the best results. The online-learners have a good default set of parameters, that can be overridden by an operator. Models are under version control, so that the operator can go back and forth between available models.
Tyde is analyzing the performance of the assets. The operator may define rules that maps how SCADA systems initializes sequences of various tasks. Using these rules, Tyde listen for the corresponding signals and create trends that describe drifts in performance. Such drifts in performance are often correlated to drift in asset health.

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